Mobile Blackjack HD

The professional gambler’s choice: Blackjack HD is a traditional card game that throws up excitement and tension in seconds. Whether it’s the in-game decisions to hit or stick, or the nerves as the dealer turns over their final card, it’s relentless and highly entertaining.

Blackjack, the casino’s most popular game!

You can now play the IGT-developed online table game at LadyLucks, on your mobile and tablet.

The setups ensures you will have the most realistic gaming experience yet. With intuitive controls, smooth turbo play, and the high-quality graphics it is ideal for gamers both casual and professional. Then it’s over to you: should you split? Should you double down? Of course, when you enjoy Blackjack on your mobile, everything is optimised to suit your phone.

The ultimate blackjack experience

Due to its mobile-optimised layout, you can clearly see the hands, your potential calls and the time limits on any decisions that you are left to make. Furthermore, the next generation players suite blackjack has improved on the original interface, which provides players with a new level of playing.

The simplicity of this game is another appeal: whether you played pontoon with your parents as a child, or you are only stepping into the casino for the very first time, there are many online guides that can help improve your game. Plus, if you are a more cautious player, you can bet from as little as 50p or the maximum bet is £300 if you are feeling a lot more daring.

What makes Blackjack such an excellent game is the almost guaranteed entertainment. Furthermore, it has the highest house edge out of all the casino favourites. With a return to player percentage of 99.38%, it provides you a great chance of a payout.

For those that don’t know, that signifies what you can expect the game to payout on average over an extended period so 99.38% is extremely high. That’s because of the ease at which you can play the game. You either win, lose or get your stake returned if you hold the same value. Simple.

When it comes to winning, a blackjack win – where you win in two cards (Ace and a card with a value of 10) – will be paid out at 3:2, while when you beat the dealer with a lower value than 20 in two cards, or 21 in two or more, you will receive double your initial stake. Again, there’s no complications.

Blackjack is a traditional casino game, but will always be a favourite. From the ease at which you can play to the high quality graphics, everything with this game allows you enjoy the fun of this card game in high quality.

Game Details
Min bet 25p
Max bet £300
RTP 99.38%