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Introduction to blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most popular mobile casino games around, and it’s easy to see why with the ease at which you can play and the excitement it brings. It’s also known as ‘21’ and there are many variations of the game available to play here at LadyLucks, so you can enjoy the casino classic.

Despite the popularity, no one can pinpoint exactly where and when the game started. Some have speculated that it has been going since the 1600s in Spain or France. While historians have indicated it may have originated from the Roman Empire, it doesn’t matter, as you can enjoy it here at LadyLucks!

How to play blackjack

Whilst a blackjack is getting a value of 21 from your cards, the only objective is to beat the dealer, because that’s how you win. Whether you get that from the first two cards, called blackjack, or require more cards, if you beat the dealer without going over 21 you will win. Should you go over 21 you will bust, and automatically lose.

Initially players are dealt two cards and you must add the values together. All face cards count as 10, and an ace is worth 11 or 1, depending on what you need. All other cards are worth their numeric value, so as you can see it’s straightforward. After your first two cards, you can ‘hit’ or ‘stand’. A hit will see the dealer give you another card, while a stand means that you are happy with what you’ve got, and remember it will be all about beating the dealer and getting as close to 21 as possible.

There are some rules though, for instance the dealer will usually always hit until they reach 17, when they stand. When you are both ready, the cards will be turned over and whoever has the closes to 21 wins, if you have the same value, a draw will see the initial stakes returned.

You also have some options during the game. ‘Double down’ means that the player can increase the initial bet by up to 100%, but they must stand after they receive the next card. Also, if you get two cards of the same value on the first deal, you can ‘split’ them, into two hands, and they will be treated separately throughout that hand. However, a blackjack after a split is considered a non-blackjack 21, when compared to the dealer. Finally, you only see the dealers first card, and if that is an ace, you can get ‘insurance’, a separate bet that pays 2:1 if the dealer gets blackjack from that hand.

Blackjack facts

The house edge in blackjack is one of the lowest of all casino games which is another factor that makes it so appealing, and in the classic game, the player will have a 49% chance of winning. Plus, players claim certain strategies can decrease the edge the house has too.

That can fall as low as 0.28% if you have the liberal house rules and a good strategy, which clearly makes this is a game that you can easily win from.

Statistically, for every 100 hands, the dealer will win 48, the player 44 and there will be 8 ties. The house rules will always dictate what your advantage or disadvantage is, so check them before you play. The dealer playing their hand last gives them a slight advantage too.

The hand that you want to avoid is 16, and 15 is considered the second worst, given the probability of a bust from a hit, and not winning if you stand. Whilst, you obviously know that 21 is the best hand, then 20, 11 is the third best hand, because of the options left.

Play Blackjack with us

You’ve seen the rules, and you’ve read the facts, now it’s time to play, and we have two great ways for you to play with us at LadyLucks, whether it’s on your mobile or online.

Firstly, Blackjack will give you a great experience, allowing you to play with higher stakes and the large layout makes everything work comfortably. Then there’s Mobile Blackjack HD, which gives you everything in great clarity and creates the most realistic experience yet. Check them out, and enjoy!